ArtyHood is San Francisco’s secret weapon to help artists thrive while supporting small local businesses with joyous street festivals and block parties, attracting nearly a million residents and guests to neighborhoods throughout our fabulous city. Our marketing delivers meaningful brand positioning through multiple channels: on-site, online, social, street promotion and print advertising. We connect your brand directly with San Francisco’s diverse communities in a personal and strategic way. 

About ArtyHood

ArtyHood was founded to help artists of all kinds thrive, and we continue that quest year-round with incredible block parties, street fairs, and special events sharing San Francisco’s fabulous neighborhoods and spicing everything up with the creative & performing arts. As a non-profit, we look to collaborate with small businesses, community groups (NGOs), governmental agencies, and our communities to create joyful experiences for everyone.


To create and leverage connections between local artists, art lovers, and businesses to transform the art business model while producing joyful events & experiences.


Art is a core human expression as well as a powerful tool to transform our world into being more peaceful, loving, accepting and respectful of ourselves and everyone else.

Our Team

CEO & Founder

Lauro González-Arias is a Mexican native from a coastal city in southeast Mexico (off the Gulf of Mexico). He liberated himself and immigrated to San Francisco, California, in 2017. He is now a social entrepreneur and community advocate.

Lauro is passionate and committed to equality and making the world better for all people. He has a professional background in marketing, politics, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that fight for the civil and linguistic rights of indigenous peoples of Mexico. In his new stage of life, he’s organizing artists to collaborate with businesses to support each other and uplift their communities.