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At ArtyHood, we believe that art is at the heart of a community. Our aim is to create memorable events that showcase diverse and talented performers. We welcome performers of all disciplines, backgrounds, and styles. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced artist, our stage is open to all. Joining our community means you’ll have the opportunity to perform in some of San Francisco’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods and get paid for your talent.

How can I become a performer at ArtyHood events?
1. Read our performing guidelines, requirements, and code of conduct below.
2- Create an account as a “Performer”  (Click Here)
4-Once your account is approved, you will receive an email informing you about your access to our platform! 
3-Go to the “Opportunities” tab and select “Music Gigs” to find available gigs for which you can apply. 
4-Wait to be notified by our team about whether you have been selected for the gig or not.

We carefully choose our performers in accordance with the norms of the communities where our events take place, in order to honor and celebrate the varied and vibrant cultures present in our city.

If selected, our management team will contact you to discuss your involvement, the venue, performance schedule, and the terms and conditions of your participation.

Though we endeavor to accommodate all those who express an interest, we regret to inform you that spaces are limited and that it may not be possible to include everyone.

ArtyHood organizes a wide variety of events; however, not all of them provide equipment, a build stage, or personnel to assist musicians. We do our best to provide these resources to our performers, and all the details regarding equipment and support are provided in each event description where performers submit their applications. 

Musicians who are self-sufficient and provide their own sound equipment and gear are highly desirable and have a greater chance of being selected.

All of our opportunities offer payment. While the compensation may not always be as high as desired, we strive to provide competitive compensation based on the resources available for each specific event.

However, these details are provided in each gig description, and it’s always up to the performers and musicians to agree on.Performers need to provide an invoice to receive payment.

If we pay over $600 in a fiscal year, a W9 form is required.

The processing time for payments could take 15-20 days after all paperwork is completed.

Payments are made via Zelle or PayPal (No Cash)

We have a zero-tolerance policy for:

-Discrimination, harassment, demeaning behavior, or speech. 

-We expect all performers to engage with the community in a manner that is fun, loving, kind, and respectful. 

-Performers are required to abstain from drug use or excessive drinking before performing.

– They should treat our staff with respect and ensure that they feel welcomed into the community.

Performers who violate this code of conduct 

Performers are required to provide at least 48 hours notice in advance of the event date if they need to cancel their participation. Cancellations made within this time frame will allow performers to participate in future events. However, failure to provide notice and a “no call, no show” will result in the performer being unable to participate in future events.

Neither the Performer nor ArtyHood will be held liable for any failure to perform their obligations under any agreement if such failure is due to circumstances beyond their control, such as acts of public authorities, labor difficulties or strikes, inclement weather, epidemics, transportation interruptions, acts of God, or any other legitimate cause beyond reasonable control.

ArtyHood will promote the performances using its best efforts through appropriate media channels. The performer will not be permitted to promote the performance in any way that could be seen as offensive, or without prior consent from ArtyHood.

The Performer agrees that ArtyHood may use the Performer’s name, photographs, and other likenesses to promote the performance. The Performer will provide ArtyHood with copies of promotional materials suitable for this purpose. The client’s right to use the Performer’s name is limited to the period between the Execution Date and the completion of the Performance or upon cancellation of this Agreement.

Performer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ArtyHood, ArtyHood Foundation, The City and County of San Francisco, their employees, officers, and agents from all liability, damages, losses, injuries, expenses, and claims, whether directly or indirectly resulting from the performance of this agreement and/or any other circumstances.

What Performers Say

What Our Performers Say