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ArtyHood is bringing art festivals, events, and block parties to the streets of San Francisco to support local artists, small businesses, and neighborhoods. We are always looking for like-minded individuals and organizations to join us as sponsors. By sponsoring one of our events, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your brand and services to thousands of attendees while demonstrating your commitment to the local art scene.

Who we are

ArtyHood is a community-driven organization that supports local artists and small businesses in San Francisco through art festivals, events, and block parties.

Why sponsor us

By sponsoring one of our events, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your brand and services to thousands of attendees while demonstrating your commitment to the local art scene.


ArtyHood Foundation sponsorship offers dynamic, multi-platform brand marketing opportunities both during our signature large events, and throughout the year at our dozens of street art festivals, block parties, and other culturally rich events. Donate today and get your brand, product, or service in front of hundreds of thousands fun-loving & art-minded consumers:


ArtyHood is San Francisco’s secret weapon to help artists thrive while supporting small local businesses with joyous street festivals and block parties, attracting nearly a million residents and guests to neighborhoods throughout our fabulous city. Our marketing delivers meaningful brand positioning through multiple channels: on-site, online, social, street promotion and print advertising. We connect your brand directly with San Francisco’s diverse communities in a personal and strategic way. 

From the need to socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauro González-Arias founded ArtyHood in 2020, and we’ve evolved and grown that original formula to be a win-win for artists, small businesses, and our economy infusing funds to help us all rebound and restore our vibrancy as a world-class cultural center.

Street Art Fairs & Block Parties:

Castro events:

The Castro district in San Francisco, to us, is the queer center of the universe helping amplify LGBTQ+ rights & culture worldwide. The spirit of Saint Harvey Milk, assassinated in 1978, lives on in generations of activists and small business owners who work to build our communities to benefit residents and visitors alike. ArtyHood Castro events are year-round, and celebrate our history while building a future supporting future generations of LGBTQ+ people and their artistry.

Outer Sunset events: 

Another jewel of San Francisco is the Outer Sunset on the Pacific Ocean. Within District 4 is a diverse mix of Asian and immigrant families and ArtyHood is honored to help organize and amplify the businesses and residents with events that bring culture & joy for all to share.

Fillmore Jazz events: 

Jazz, America’s original art form, lives on in the legacy of the historic Fillmore district and ArtyHood is blessed to uplift the renowned Fillmore Jazz Festival and well as the year-round Art + Jazz series.


To help bring more events online we created ArtGasm to offer fun, joyous, art-centered experiences where the creative & performing arts flourish to the delight of attendees. We love collaborating so if you’re looking to create or improve an event we may be able to help—just send us an email, or note on our contact form!

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